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One of the articles in the upcoming newsletter talks about the value of a real estate agent.  It mentions that while internet based resources serve a helpful role in searching for a home, they cannot replace the personal experience in working with a relator. 

If you are searching for someone to help you sell your home, I will help you put the right price on your home.  When your home is priced right, it will sell faster and you are more likely to get the full value of your home.  I do a comparison of the prices of comparable homes in your area in order to help you find the right price to sell.  Do not worry- I do take into account any improvements and features that make your home unique.  

If you are looking to buy a home, I can also help you through the process.  I will ask you the type of home that you desire and some of your criteria (size, location, garage, etc).  From there, I can ensure that you get emails from the multiple listing service (MLS) which contain homes that may be of interest to you.  If any of these homes appeal to you I can take you to see those homes.  I will guide you through the process of buying a home.  I enjoying helping you through the process- if you are in need of a realtor please feel free to send me an email or give me a call. 

(402) 499-8293

Color Choices for Your New Home


If you are looking to refresh your home paint can go a long way.  A fresh coat of paint can help you make your new home your own or it  can be used to prepare your home for sale.  If you want to paint your entire home, then choosing colors may seem daunting if you are not an interior designer.  A great resource for you is no farther than your local paint/home store.  Diamond Vogel/Lowe's/Home Depot/Menard's/Sherwin Williams/Ace Hardware all have color pallets for you to take home.  Pick a color palette that sticks out to you.  Take that color palette home and see it under the lighting that you have in your home.  You do not have to use every color suggestion- you can branch out and find a color that coordinates, but these palettes are a great, low hassle starting point.  

Here is a color scheme from Benjamin Moore: 

Saving For a Down Payment


Here is an article from which gives some good tips on saving up money for a down payment.  Whether you are buying your first home or your seventh home it gives some advice to create a reserve for your down payment.  


10 Easy Ways to Update the Entrance To Your Home


A list is going to appear in the May newsletter addressing ten easy ways to update the entrace of your home.  This list was adapted from LoveChicLiving.  You can find the original article here.  I wanted to expand on my version of the list: 

¨ Sweep, tidy, and declutter– Do a general cleaning of everything that you can see from the front of your home.

Step back and look at your house from the sidewalk.  This is a good way to take an overall inventory of your home and see it from the perspective of someone coming up to your house for the first time.  You can see what needs to be cleaned and tidied up.  

¨ Give your front door some paint.

It is a current trend to pick a door color that pops.  You may have seen some colorful doors showing up around Lincoln.  It reminds me of how popular the colorful doors are in Ireland.  Pick a color that complements your house and speaks to your own personality.  

Front Door Street Number Decal • House Number Decals Increase Curb Appeal with Cottage Style Door Decal Made in USA - Apartment House Number

The  decal for the front door can be found on etsy.

¨ Consider new hardware for your door.

Painting your door might not be your preference- perhaps you have a beautiful, stained wooden door or already have a color you love.  It's amazing how the little changes can sometimes make the biggest impact.  If your hardware is looking a little worn or dated, think about giving it an update.

You can find this hardware at Home Depot.

¨ Add striking house numbers.

Adding a house number is another way to add personality to your home.  It is also good to update the house numbers if they are hard to read from the street.  While you are taking inventory of your home from the sidewalk make sure that you look at the house number and ask yourself a few questions: Is it easy to find?  Are the numbers large enough to read?  If I were driving, would I be able to tell what house I am driving by?

If you answered 'no' to any of the above questions, then perhaps it is time for you to update your house numbers.  You can find the house numbers pictured below right here.

Modern House numbers / Steel house numbers / Craftsman house number /Address / House Address

¨ Add plants and greenery.

Plants can literally liven up your front porch!  They add color and interest.  If you place them in a pot then they can be changed out with the seasons (or if you don't have a green thumb- they are easily changed out in the event of a plant dying.)

¨ Tidy up the porch area.

If you have chairs and tables outside make sure they are arranged so that there is easy access to the front door.  Also make sure to clean around them and place them in both a functional arrangement as well as aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

File:Trethewey House Front Porch.jpgPhoto Credit: Canadian Register of Historic Places

¨ Paint the garage door.

Sometimes the garage door gets neglected.  When paint is chipped or faded on the garage door it may appear that the rest of the home is in neglect.  A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference and is a fairly easy maintenance item.

File:Wooden garage door.jpg

¨ Give some attention to your front gate if you have a fence.

The fence may not be something that you think of when someone mentions the front of your home, but if it is visible from the front you want to make sure that it is also aesthetically pleasing.  If it is spring think of adding a wreath onto the front gate.  If it is a wood fence in need of a little tender loving care then think about painting it.  If it is a vinyl fence then perhaps a good powerwash is in order for it.

¨ Make sure the fence is in good condition.

This goes along with the last suggestion, but it is here to emphasize that sometimes there may be some repair work that needs to be done on your fence.  Make sure the gate opens properly.  If it doesn't then make sure there is no grass prohibiting it from opening and that all the hardware is well oiled and operating. 

File:St. Francisville, Louisiana Yellow House White Picket Fence.jpgPhoto By: Ken Lund

¨ Change your doormat.

 This is a fun update to your home.  Choose a doormat that reflects your personality.  You can get a monogrammed mat, one that is decorative, or one with an amusing quote on it.  Have fun and pick out what you love- it is your home!

Mohawk Home Koko Imperial Welcome Doormat - Brown (1'.5"x2'.5")  Find this door mat at Target.

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Fit To Sell- Turning Your Family Home into a Model Home


Fit to Sell- Turning Your Family Home into a Model Home

The above video talks about viewing your home from a buyer's perspective.  Adivce on making your property more appealing to buyers is part of the RE/MAX experience that you will have with me as your agent.


Changing Your Address


If a move is in your future, then one aspect of moving is letting everyone know that you have changed your address.  It is important to make sure that your mail, bills, and services continue uninterrupted to ensure that the moving process is as easy as possible.  Here is a list of some services/instutions you may want to contact about your change of address (included are links to help the process):

  • heating
  • electricity
  • water
  • tv service
  • bank
  • credit cards
  • garbage service
  • recycling service
  • your employer
  • social security administration
  • investment brokers
  • lenders
  • insurance companies
  • cell phone company
  • magazine subscriptions
  • church
  • memberships
  • Voter's registration
  • driver's license
  • schools
  • post office
  • dentist
  • doctors
  • wills and trusts
  • friends and family

Fit to Sell- Pre-Packing


Bob Vila's 10 Must Do Projects for April


In March's newsletter I sent out Bob Vila's Must Do Projects for March. He has come out with an April version that I would like to share with you here. With routine maintenance your house projects will not seem so daunting. It is good to keep up with small projects whether you are thinking of listing your home or not. If you do decide to list, I would love to help you through the process. Here is what Bob Villa recommends for April.

Spring has sprung! While cool temperatures may not be completely behind us, it's certain that April will usher in warmer days, making it the perfect month to get back to beautifying the yard and garden. The season is likely to bring rain, so be sure to clear your gutters of debris and resolve any water issues in the basement. Getting those tasks out of the way now will give you time to refresh your home's curb appeal, tackle a DIY project or two, and sow some seeds for your summer vegetable garden.

  • Avoid Basement Flooding: Now is the time to inspect for leaks that may have developed over the winter-before seasonal rain sets in. Inspect the exterior foundation and the basement walls and floors. Use epoxy to fill any foundation cracks and apply masonry sealer to basement walls.
  • Clean Gutters of Debris: Along with prepping the basement, spring showers also call for outdoor maintenance. Prevent flooding by clearing the gutters of debris and positioning the downspouts away from the foundation. Ideally, water should flow three feet away from the house, so consider running an extension or trough.
  • A Fresh Coat of Paint: A new paint job will transform the look of your exterior, and it makes sense to tackle the job before the dog days of summer. Think about using a contrasting color on trim or architectural details. For maximum curb appeal, factor in the color of your roof.
  • Tune Up the Lawn Mower: Before the grass gets too high, make sure the mower is in good working order. Clear away any old, dried grass clippings-if you failed to do so in the fall-and change out the filter and oil. If you left some gas in the mower over the winter and it doesn't start up, try draining the gas tank and starting fresh.
  • Make a Planter for Your Deck: If you've got a green thumb, pick up a deck rail garden planter at your local garden center, or flex your DIY muscles by making your own. With a saw, drill, hammer, and a free afternoon, you can build a few planter boxes for about $40.
  • Sow Your Seeds: Once the danger of winter frost has passed, April is the best month for sowing many vegetable varieties outdoors. Plant your garden in raised beds for optimal drainage, or directly into the yard if your soil is arable. Choose your plants wisely and opt only for what you already like-no one wants to get stuck with a bumper crop the family won't eat.
  • Keep Pollen-Free: April is peak pollen season across much of the United States, so allergy sufferers should take precautions now. Keep windows closed and clean or replace filters for air-conditioning units. While you're at it, change the air filter in your car. To avoid bringing allergens indoors, those who love sun-dried laundry should wait until after pollen season to use the outdoor clothesline.
  • List the House: Thinking of putting your house on the market? Spring is historically the best time to do so. Before you list, put your best face forward with a few minor curb appeal updates. Simple staging tips can transform your interior too. For example, you'll make it easier for buyers to picture themselves in their new home by packing away family memorabilia and knickknacks.
  • Do Something Fun!: Because you're likely to spend more time outdoors this month, why not take on an enjoyable DIY project that will enhance the beauty of your lawn or garden. You can easily make a birdbath by stacking different-size inverted terra-cotta pots one on top of the other. Other great outdoor projects include building a fire pit, trellis, or raised garden bed.
  • Start Composting: The best gardeners know that compost is better than fertilizer when it comes to providing a nutrient-rich growing environment for plants. Composting is easy and inexpensive, and anyone can do it. For the best compost, you'll need to know what not to put into the mix-and remember that your compost needs to stay warm and aerated.

    The full article may be found here:!0

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Welcome to my blog! Here I will be publishing articles from my monthly newsletter, information from the National Realtors Association, homes for sale, tips and advice for any homeowner, and much more.

To start off, I would like to tell you a little bit about a home I am listing in Firth, Nebraska. It was built in 2000 and has over 1800 sq feet plus a finished basement. There is an attached double tandem garage. If you have a home-based business and want a space to see clients, then this home was made for you; there is a separate entrance for you to do just that! These are only some of the features of this beautiful, spacious home that is just waiting for you.
If you would like a link to the flyer please click below:

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